Hi, my name is Jennifer!           

I  am an independent seminar facilitator, workshop host, consultant, motivational speaker and writer from Cardiff. 

I am also a volunteer, newbie blogger, expat, hiker, yogini, and many other things.

We all make experiences in our lives that leave a lasting impression and that shape us. Through reflecting on the experience and on ourselves, we learn and grow and move forward in our personal journey.

My own experiences and reflections are the basis for my workshops in Global

Learning, volunteering and personal development.

Working with internationals in English as a lingua franca but being a native speaker of German has led to me working as a translator.

Living in Cardiff, Wales and following my passions like building my business, hiking and yoga but at the same time frequently travelling to my international clients makes me find myself in many situations that I find interesting to blog about.

One puzzle piece of my life led to the next and they all have something in common: An eagerness to learn about life, myself and others, to constantly grow into the next best version of me and to encourage others to do the same in their own ways.

I’d be delighted to walk a part of the path together, so whether you are in Cardiff or anywhere else in the world, please do get in touch.