Disneybounding Part III

Experiencing the magic

Disneybounding in World Disney World Florida.
After about 8 months of build-up and preparations (see here), it was finally here – the time to go to Disney and with it the time to experience what it is like to participate in Disneybounding in an actual Disney Park.

In this article, I describe what Disneybounding was like, not what Disney was like in general – if you are interested in that, have a look at the respective post that is coming soon. Continue reading “Disneybounding Part III”

How not to be inspired and something about chocolate

Inspiration is an odd thing. Just like motivation, it is powerful when it’s there but it is also fragile and fleeting. Whilst I generally believe that we should never rely on inspiration to get us closer to our goals – as habit, strategy and planning will get us much further much faster – it is certainly nice to have a little extra spark. So I went to seek out that inspiration boost. And failed. Continue reading “How not to be inspired and something about chocolate”

Honouring Life – The realization that everybody’s time is limited

We all feel down sometimes. Stuff happens. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. We feel all the feels, sometimes for a reason and sometimes for no good reason at all. Moments like that, as random as they are, have the potential to carry some pretty interesting realisations. My life’s latest curveball had me re-thinking one of the most basic realisations in life – time is limited. Continue reading “Honouring Life – The realization that everybody’s time is limited”