Disneybounding Part I

We’re going to Disney

The countdown is on! This will be my first visit to Walt Disney World Florida and I am beyond excited to go. Disney was a huge part of my childhood and I remained a fan also in my adult life. And now I’d like to get into Disneybounding.

What is Disneybounding?

Long before we (my partner and I) booked the trip, one thing was crystal clear to me: When I get to go to Disney, I’d like to be Disneybounding.
What is Disneybounding? Disneybounding, a term coined by blogger Leslie Kay in 2011, is a way to express one’s fondness of Disney characters through outfits. Outfits, not costumes, that is the important difference!

Disney has a rule that only allows children under 14 years to enter the parks in costumes. As an adult in a costume, there could potentially be all sorts of confusions when you get mistaken for an actual cast member. So, with costumes out of the picture, Lesley thought of another way to show her fandom. She put together normal, wearable outfits based on the Disney characters that she loved. Her outfits would capture the spirit and feel of a character as well as key characteristics that were recognisable. And with that, she started a huge trend, grew her following immensely and inspired what is now a flourishing community of Disneybounders. There are Disneybound blogs, Instagram pages, forums, Youtube video, challenges and more. And I wanted to be part of it.

Becoming part of Disneybounding is easy, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. As long as the outfits are wearable rather than costume-y and the character you based it on shines through, you’re Disneybounding. Also, Disneybounding outfits are not supposed to break the bank – in fact, you are encouraged to work with what you already have. That’s great since a Disney holiday itself is not exactly going to be cheap

The Rules

I am obviously new to that whole thing. Disney World, Disneybounding, all of it. To give myself a little bit of a framework to play with so that I wouldn’t get totally lost in the endless world that is Disneybounding, I set the following guidelines for my Disneybounding adventure.

1 Wearability
I do not wish to buy new items for no good reason. Even though I mix and match different items to create new outfits that I have never worn like that before, I only want to purchase / use items that I can see myself wearing after Disney in my normal life as well. I have a relatively strict “no clutter / no unnecessary buys” policy, especially when it comes to clothes, and I’d like to be able to justify the new items that I allow in my wardrobe.

2 Second Hand
95% of all the clothes I own are second hand (exceptions are mostly gym wear, hiking gear and underwear) and I’d like to keep it that way. The items that I purchase for Disneybounding need to be second hand (unless they fall into the aforementioned categories).

3 Price
We are going to spend a nine-day vacation in Florida and we have yet to set a budget for that adventure. I would normally not buy that many items of clothing in that short a time, but this is a once in a lifetime trip and I want to enjoy it to the max. Occasions where I get to dress like a Disney character (honestly one of my many secret (or not so secret) dreams in life) are rare in my normal routine. This is why I am allowing myself an extra budget for clothes, which is going to be 100 £.

The outfit ideas

We’re going to be in Florida for nine days, minus the day of the arrival and departure, minus a day in Orlando, that’s 6 days in the parks or the resorts. So, I started with 6 relatively straightforward and easy-to-recognise characters for my outfit ideas. And here’s who they are.

Ariel – My absolute favourite Disney princess when I grew up with songs that I sing in the shower to this day. She had to be one.

Merida – My adult life favourite Disney princess and the princess I wish I could be.

Cheshire Cat – A weird character from Lewis Caroll’s even weirder novel that the Disney movie is based on. Maybe not so weird after all since the absurd and surreal elements of his work were his mechanism to cope with his migraine attacks. As an aura sufferer myself, I relate greatly to this character.

Alice – Same reason as Cheshire Cat. And because she’s a bit of a rebel, learning how to challenge what is regarded as “normal”. I like that.

Kevin – The colourful bird from Up as a chance to play around with some bright and vibrant colours. And as a homage to that wonderful and touching movie. Seriously, who didn’t ball their eyes out in that intro?

Sir Hiss – Robin Hood is hands down my absolute favourite Disney movie of all time and to me personally the exchanges between Sir Hiss and Prince John are the best and funniest Disney dialogues ever.

With this master plan in mind, follow me as I start to go shopping and putting outfits together in part II of the Disneybounding mini-series.

(I am aware of Disneys many issues – read my thoughts on that here shortly).

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