Rising up to the challenge. And I want you on my team!

Walkers wanted for the Ultra Challenge on the Isle of Wight in May 2020.

Sometimes you come across an idea. You like that idea but you don’t fully explore it then and there. You go on about your day. But the idea keeps coming back into your mind. And it still keeps coming back the next day. And the next. And when that happens, I think it’s time to just run with it.

You guessed it, that is how I felt the last few days. So here is me, running with it.

Here’s the gist: The Instagram algorithm, being the clever little entity that it is, suggested a sponsored post to me. This post was about a thing called the Ultra Challenge. An annual series of walking events all across the UK. I clicked on that post to see more and I have to say, I really liked what I saw and I want us all to be part of it!

What is an Ultra Challenge

The Ultra Challenge is a 100-kilometre long trek that can be either walked, jogged or ran. There are supply- and rest stops along the way, the whereabouts of the participants and their well being are monitored and the host provides full support, medical care and hospitality along the way. The participants push themselves further by travelling 100 kilometres on the mapped out routes in only two days. Quite an ambitious endeavour! Ideally, in the time leading up to the event, the participants collaborate with a charity and use the event to raise funds for their course.

Now what?

This, to me, all sounds very exciting! But I have to be honest with you and with myself. 100 kilometres in two days are considerably further than what I am able to walk at the moment. But that can change with proper preparation. Even in that department, the event host has us covered. They release an app with training plans for the participants and host training walks and runs for those who’d like to train together. It’s about pushing yourself; after all, it’s called a challenge for a reason!

At this point, it’s not hard to tell that I am sold. But what about you?
The Ultra Challenge can be tackled as a team and I want you on mine! Signing up as a team means that we’ll start the challenge together and spur each other on along the way. A team doesn’t have to stick together the whole time and each individual can still go at their own pace. But we can walk together when it gets physically and mentally tough, providing each other with the support that is needed to finish that damn thing.

In the lead up to the event, we can stay in touch, motivate each other in training, celebrate successes or even train together. In the fundraising department, we’ll be stronger by pooling our networks and communication skills.

Isle of Wight Challenge

In May 2020 there will be an Ultra Challenge on the Isle of Wight and I am putting together a team. You can sign up for either walking the whole 100 kilometres, or for a half or quarter challenge of 50 or 25 kilometres. Whichever one you pick, whether you’d walk it or run it, you can get in touch and be added to the team and the challenge is on!

Let me finish by saying that yes, this may sound daunting and a little strange and no maybe this isn’t anything you have considered before. But think of how amazing it would be to do this together, to power through, to feel accomplished by pushing our physical and mental boundaries further than we thought we would. So take a leap and get in touch with me to get added to the team – We can do this!

— For more information and sign up write me an email or a comment —

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