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25 facts about me

Over the past few weeks, we became quite a few more people around here. That is so awesome and I am delighted to be able to have all these exchanges with you guys. To keep things personal and intimate in our little group, I thought this is the ideal moment for the 25 things about me tag!

1 I love yoga. I was introduced to it by a dear colleague of mine in 2011 and I have been practising ever since. Every now and again the thought of going to a Yoga Teacher Training crosses my mind…

2 My dream is it to accomplish a significant long-distance hike. All the gear testing and building my hiking knowledge are aimed at one day committing to a serious through hike. (Read about a previous hike here)

3 I am an animal lover. I adore all creatures and I have the utmost respect for them because we are all alive and share this planet. And when a dog comes along you can be sure that I am no longer listening to you. You’re warned.

4 Building on that: I foster for a local dog rescue centre. They take in homeless dogs in need and since there are unfortunately more of those dogs than there is space in the centre, some of the dogs temporarily move in with foster families until they find their permanent home. I am one of those fosterers.

5 By the time I post this, I am 30 years old.

6 I am a Gemini.

I love doing things with my hands. Crafting, crochet or a colouring book are right up my alley.

8 I currently live in Cardiff, South Wales but I am actually from Germany. I moved to the UK in 2017 because of a long distance relationship.

9 Before that, I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa and Bratislava, Slovakia.

10 I am a highly empathic and emotional person. I am easily touched or moved by other people’s feelings.

11 My favourite subject in high school was English, my least favourite one was Maths.

12 As a teenager, I was obsessed with zebras and items with zebra print. I even have one tattooed on my body.

13 I have two other tattoos besides the zebra. They’re all rather small and I would absolutely love to have more. It was just never the right moment in recent years.

14 I am not very good with technical things. I do know how to operate my devices and know my way around the things I need for work and entertainment. But I lack the patience to fix technical problems and I tend to take them personally when they occur.

15 I am an INFJ personality. The Advocate.

16 I am an introvert and even though I do enjoy spending time with friends or exploring unknown situations, I will need the respective me-time to recharge.

17 I love strategizing, planning and lists. But at the same time I am also super impatient. When I am enthusiastic about something, I want it all and I want it now.

18 That said, I am a very enthusiastic person. I could think and talk about my passion projects for hours and people who can do the same inspire me – even if their passion projects are not necessarily my area of interest, I will happily share their passionate energy.

19 I am an only child but I have a very close friend that I grew up with and that means the world to me. I figure she is the closest thing an only child can have to a sister. 

20 My favourite TV show of all times is Scrubs. 100% my kind of storytelling, humour and character development.

21 I don’t like coffee. Or tea. I would love to like them because I find the act of making a hot drink, holding the warm cup and enjoying the beverage very soothing. I just dislike the taste of both. Exceptions are awfully sweet chai lattes from coffee shop chains or matcha ice tea with lemon juice. But I don’t know if that counts. 

22 I discovered my passion for hiking in 2010 during a road trip through Italy where I went on my first somewhat longer hikes. I loved it so much – and also injured my knee on one of them.

23 With me, sentences are never short. Whether it’s in writing or in a conversation – there is always room for one more embedded clause, a semicolon, a dash, a figure of speech, some additional points to make and a slight detour before I return to the main sentence.
As Edward Bloom in Big Fish said: Most men, they’ll tell you a story straight true. It won’t be complicated, but it won’t be interesting either.

24 I was born with malformed hip joints and a bent spine which caused a fair bit of trouble for me in my childhood and teenage years. The fact that I can hike, workout and do yoga the way I do is a triumph of epic proportions to me as doctors in the past suggested I would not be able to pursue these activities and will instead need ops to ensure the functionality of my skeleton. One day I will need these ops. But today is not the day!

25 I was hoping for ages that someone would tag me in one of these 25 facts about me hashtags. But since I am a grown up woman I figured I need no one to tag me and did it anyway. Oh, dear!

Ok, there you have it, that’s 25 facts about me. You got to know me reasonably well, now it’s your turn! Post your favourite fact about yourself in the comments below.

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