What I am listening to – three podcasts from my most recent playlist

Did you ever feel like you have watched everything that is on YouTube, are not in the mood for the 27th re-run of your TV show on Netflix and don’t have quite enough time to sit down with a book? I recently discovered that in this scenario podcasts are a really good alternative.

I was admittedly a bit late to the podcast party when they became part of my routine, but just like audio books, they work so well whilst doing chores, commuting or in the background of the more mundane tasks that don’t require a lot of brainpower. That is if you don’t fall into the well-known Netflix trap of looking for something to consume for 45 minutes without finding something to actually consume.

To cut down on the time to look for something new, I am a huge fan of exchanging recommendations. That’s always a great place to start! Of course, tastes are different and there are so many different varieties of podcasts. The formal, the informal, the educational, the chatty and everything in between. There is something out there for everyone. So here they are, the three podcasts that I am listening to at the moment, my current go to-s.

Approachable by Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson

There was a time in my life where I thought that I wanted to do something with makeup as a career. Long story short, I didn’t go down this route so I would naturally also no longer gravitate towards content around it. With the exception of pretty much everything that Samatha Ravndahl would put out. She is such a fun and inspiring person to listen to. So much so that I would happily watch her apply her makeup for forty minutes just to hear her chat about life and what she has on her mind. So naturally, when I heard that she had started a podcast, I headed right over to give it a listen.

Samantha Ravndahl and her friend of ten years, Alyssa Anderson have started putting out season one of their podcast “approachable” and it has nothing to do with make up. According to them, they discuss life, approach-ably. That is reflected in the wide variety to topics the two of them cover. They have six episodes out at this moment and have covered everything from mental health to the Alabama abortion law changes.

The strength of this podcast is certainly the nature of the exchange between the two. After all, we are listening to a conversation between close friends, chatting about things they are interested in. Each week one of them opens up a topic and starts the conversation. They then engage in a chat, exchange, ask questions and explore the subject together. Therefore, the podcast is conversational, informal and flows naturally. It’s not that the two don’t research their information, they do, but the focus lies more on exploring their standpoints together. That is why I feel that those episodes that deal with their personal life experiences work the best. When these two get into a flow it is an absolute delight to hear them wittingly unpack layers of a topic, dive deep into their views and also crack a bad joke here and there.

Great personalities, some episodes work better than others, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Coffee Talk by Kalyn Nicholson

Another Canadian lady, just like Samantha and Alyssa, and another great personality. Like with the other two podcasts on this list, I was subscribed to the creator’s YouTube channel long before they started their podcasts. And with Kalyn especially, I was curious to find out how her creativity would translate into a purely spoken form. Her videos are so highly aesthetically pleasing and, what can I say, the same vibe just oozes out of her podcast. I don’t even know how one can listen to an aesthetic, but that’s what his podcast feels like. It’s just so … aesthetic. Her podcast is the most “vibe-y”, for lack of a better word, her podcast is a mood.

It is 25-year old Kalyn, who is so unbelievably wise beyond her years, talking about everything one would talk about with a friend over a cup of coffee. She monologues about productivity, inspiration, self-development, spirituality, mental health, relatable stories from her life and getting your act together. She is the epiphany of a young creative, working from an urban coffee shop or her home office, sharing her thoughts whilst planning out her routines in a bullet journal. It all feels very glossy but in the best way possible.

The podcast I turn to for inspiration, for lifting my vibe and for feeling just a little more fabulous every week. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Death in the Afternoon by Caitlin Doughty, Sarah Chavez and Louise Hung

And here is number three of my list, Death in the Afternoon, which doesn’t sound like a good time at all, but I promise it is. Caitlin Doughty, mortician and founder of the Order of the Good Death and her team talk about all things morbid and whilst doing so debunk myths and fears about the funeral industry, decomposing and the dead.

They sum up their mission to be spreading death positivity and if you think these words don’t go together, check out the content that these ladies produce and you’ll be proven that they do. Fascination with the morbid is one thing, and I admit unashamedly that I love me a morbid story. But at the same time educating about the most inevitable life experience, death, that in our society is widely pushed aside until the last minute is just next level enlightening. These ladies are all about agency in death, open conversations, the break down of norms and the normalisation of taboo topics.

In their episodes, they cover topics from history as well as more current events in usually three segments. One of them being more of the storytelling variety and two of them being more conversational. Especially Caitlin has the ability to talk about all things death in such a grounded and dignified way whilst letting her enthusiasm and also her goofiness shine through at all times.

This podcast is everything from challenging to morbid, educational and informative to funny and deep. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Little p.s. for that last one – Caitlin put out an absolutely captivating book on the subject of death and grief in different societies as well. If you’d like to hear my thoughts on that, hop over to my article about my favourite books of 2018.

And now it is your turn! Tell us in the comments what you have in your podcast playlists; let’s share those recommendations!

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